Highland Middle School - Bellevue, WA

August, 2018 EarthHeat is awarded the vertical bore field contract for 132 300’ bores for the Bellevue School Department

Juanita High School - Kirkland, WA

January, 2018 EarthHeat is actively working on the drilling and headering of 114 300’ bores under General Contractor, Cornerstone GCI for the Lake Washington School District

Washington State Department of Ecology - Lacey, WA

March, 2015 EarthHeat is honored to have been chosen as the geothermal contractor for the construction of this horizontal geo-exchange field at the DOE (44, 500’ bores).

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Odle Middle School - Bellevue, WA

January, 2015 EarthHeat completes construction of this vertical bore geo-exchange field. (105, 300’ bores).

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Pierce County Sewer and Traffic Operations Facility - Pierce County, WA

EarthHeat completed a five building district geo-exchange field system at the Pierce County Sewer and Traffic Operations Facility in early summer, 2014. EarthHeat is proud to have participated in the goal of achieving LEED Gold for this project.

Mission College – Santa Clara, CA

The first phase in replacing the Main Building will be a three-story building between the science building and the gym. This new building will house a wide range of departments, from art to music to nursing to computer science. It will also feature 49 classrooms and labs, including specialized classrooms needed for certain fields of study, and a 172-seat lecture hall. Additionally, the building will be LEED-certified gold and include a below-ground geothermal system to provide heat.

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Humboldt Penguin Exhibit – Seattle, WA

Humboldt Penguin
Humboldt penguins like their water between 50-60 degrees F. Considering Seattle’s climate, that means the water needs to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. But geothermal makes that easier. “The ground water alone is 52 degrees,” Maloney explains. The geothermal design for the pools operates on 2 stages with 2 compressors, one at a time, with a large tankless gas water heater as a third stage. Thanks to the temperate ground water, however, Maloney doesn’t think the system will ever need the third stage. The water-to-water heat pump also will cool the pool water on a reverse cycle in the event the water temperature rises above the desired temperature. This also operates in 2 stages.

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Machias Elementary School – Snohomish, WA

Heat Source
The building uses ground source geothermal wells for the heating and air-conditioning source. No fossil fuels are used, and there will be no gas or propane bills. There are 140 wells that are 200 feet deep. The ventilation is a displacement air system that uses high-volume, low-pressure air brought in low to the room and exhausted high, this is allows for better indoor air quality and less noise.

Peninsula College, Maier Hall - Port Angeles, WA

Geothermal System
In addition to being built for function, the building was also built to be "green," Keegan said. "This building's utilities will be extremely efficient," he said. The building will use a geothermal system, which uses the warmth of the Earth to heat cisterns of water, which is then pumped through pipes in the building to warm it.

Stevenson Elementary School - Bellevue, WA

May, 2017 EarthHeat successfully completes another large scale project for the Bellevue School District 90 300’ bores

Banfield HQ - Vancouver, WA

March, 2016 EarthHeat completes construction of this vertical bore field with underground vault (166, 300’ bores).

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Bates Technical College - Tacoma, WA

February, 2015 EarthHeat completes construction of this vertical bore geo-exchange field. (63, 300’ bores).

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Bellevue School District Transportation Facility - Bellevue, WA

EarthHeat completed construction of this geo-exchange field system (47, 300’ bores) at the Bellevue School District Transportation and Maintenance Facility in early summer, 2014.

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Delta Americas HQ - Fremont, CA

EarthHeat completed construction of this horizontal bore, geo-exchange field system (100, 600’ bores) at the Delta Americas HQ in Fremont, CA late spring, 2014. EarthHeat is proud to have participated in the goal of achieving LEED Platinum for this project.

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Tacoma Community College - Harned Center for Health Careers, Tacoma, WA

Green Design
The Harned Center for Health Careers facility will incorporate an innovative, green design using geothermal heating, energy efficient construction materials and techniques. It’s planned to be build to LEED Gold Standards.

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Rainier Beach Community Center & Pool, Seattle, WA

Sustainable Design
EarthHeat completed the geo-exchange loop system at RBCC in early summer, 2012. EarthHeat is proud to have participated in the goal of achieving LEED Gold for this exciting project.

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21 Acres – Woodinville, WA

Green Building
Consistent with our mission for a sustainable future, the new 21 Acres Center is an innovative building designed to Leadership in Energy And Environmental Design (LEED) standards targeting a Platinum rating. The building and its integrated systems provide lessons for the community to consider in lessening their own impact on the planet.

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Center For Urban Waters – Tacoma, WA

LEED Platinum Goal
In addition to highlighting the City's dedication to urban water quality, the new facility is a showcase for the City's commitment to sustainable building practices and energy conservation. The City is pursuing LEED Platinum certification, the highest possible rating awarded under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system. More information on LEED, the nationally recognized standard for green buildings, is available from the US Green Building Council.