At EarthHeat, we recognize the crucial role that gas and propane play in powering essential appliances and heating systems in homes and commercial buildings alike. Our comprehensive gas piping services are designed to cater to every possible need, from modifications of existing systems to installations for new constructions.

With EarthHeat, you can be assured of safe, efficient, and compliant gas piping solutions that meet your every need.

Our Services


Custom gas piping designs for efficiency and reliability.

Outdoor BBQ / Heaters

Installation services for outdoor cooking and heating.


Gas line installation and maintenance for fireplaces.

Indoor/Outdoor Appliances

Expertise in gas lines for all appliances.

Underground Piping

Secure installation of underground gas lines.

Furnace/ Boiler

Gas line services for heating systems.

Water Heater

Installation and repair of gas lines for water heaters.

Code Compliance Inspection

Ensuring your gas piping complies with local regulations.

Repair, Install

Full range of repair and installation services.

Residential, Commercial

Services tailored for both homes and businesses.

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